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Fall Recreation 2021 Judge's Cup is tentatively scheduled for December 4th and 5th at a variety of locations in Polk County.  U10 and U12 girls and boys will participate.

Coaches, I have received numerous inquiries about the schedule for Judges Cup. Historically we don't typically have the brackets completed until closer to Thanksgiving. Currently Polk County Youth Soccer (umbrella organization for all clubs in Polk County) actually hosts the tournament. Last I heard they were still waiting on 1 league to submit records so the brackets can be complete. I promise that one league is NOT Lake Wales! I promise you as soon as I receive them, I will make them available.

To provide everyone with a high-level overview of the tournament it works as follows: All rec teams submit their records through week 8 of the season. With that information the teams are bracketed based on their records so that teams with very good records are playing similar caliber teams, those with middle of the road records and those with losing records will all play against teams with similar records. The tournament dates have been set for December 4-5th. These games will be played at sites in Lakeland, Winter Haven, Auburndale, Bartow, and Lake Wales. Once you have your site all games for your team will be played at that site.
On Saturday each team will play 2 games. You will earn points for a win, a tie, and you get extra points for a shutout. At the end of day 1 the points are tallied and the teams are seeded 1 through 4. Only 4 teams from the bracket will return for play in the semifinal/final games on Sunday. The number 1 seed will play the number 4 seed and then seed 2 will play seed 3. The winners of those games will advance to the championship game. Each of the participants of the championship game will receive medals.
I have been doing this a long time and Judges Cup can be the best part of the season. Even teams that did not have a great season (from a win/loss perspective) will ultimately produce a winner and leave with a medal.

Now each of you have the information to share with your parents. I will also have this information posted to social media.

Thanks, Tony.

See all of the pages associated for all teams and sites later this month.

Things to Remember

  1. Roster:  You have to have a roster so if you are away DO NOT FORGET TO BRING.  On your phone does not work.    If you are home I can give you a quick copy.  If you need one get in touch with me now.
  2. Be respectful to  all:   Coaches just accept the decision of the referee and thank them not criticize them. Don’t even make a comment please.   I had to talk to a few of you during the season.  Please don’t embarrass our club. Talk to your Parents on this subject also.   I realize for some of you that is hard.    Let’s be bigger than others and even if others don’t act right please don’t react back.
  3. Coaches:  Those on the coaches side need to be on the roster as a coach and would have done the background check and all.  Others need to be on the parents side.   If you have been coaching and not shown then that needs addressed today not at the last second.
  4. Our teams attending Judges cup:  We have never had a team cancel out of this tournament and we don’t want to start now.  If a coach can’t make it then we just need to find someone else for this tournament.   I promise you will enjoy and remember you are playing teams with similar records.

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